Registered Deposit Brokers Association (RDBA)

Mortgage Funding is a member of the Registered Deposit Broker's Association (RDBA -formerly the Federation of Canadian Independant Deposit Brokers), which is the national association for deposit brokers and was incorporated in 1987. This is the deposit industry's professional standards Self-Regulatory Organization.  The RDBA represents its members and promotes investor protection and public interest.

The following are the RDBA's objectives:

- Always put the consumer's interests first

- Work closely with CDIC, Financial Institutions and regulators to protect investors

- Provide input to Financial Institutions on procedures, consumer issues, commissions and products

- Educate and inform member deposit brokers through regular communication, industry research, regional meetings, and annual conventions

- Training and educational standards for persons selling investments must be professional and thorough.

The RDBA's goal is to improve consumer service by ensuring it's members practice the highest standards of financial responsibility and professional business practice. All investment purchases are made on behalf of the client in the client's own name.

Mortgage Funding complies with the guidelines set out on the Registered Deposit Brokers Association website such as follows:

- Code of Ethic's:

- Privacy Information:

- Standards of Professional Conduct & Procedures:

For more detailed information regarding the RDBA or Deposit Brokers, please visit the RDBA website at