What is a Deposit Broker?

Deposit Brokers are independent retailers of financial products and services specializing in “guaranteed” investment products such as GICs, Term Deposits, RRSP’s, RRIF’s and Canadian Savings Bonds.  Deposit Brokers receive daily information on current interest rates and current product availability from financial institutions all across the country.  They are able to find the best investment available from all the financial institutions including trust companies, banks, credit unions, insurance and fund companies.

Financial Institutions use the Deposit Brokerage channel to offer these deals, which can then be offered to investors efficiently and at top returns, free of fees or commission. A Deposit Broker receives compensation directly from the financial institution.

For more information about Deposit Brokers please visit the Registered Deposit Brokers Association website www.rdba.ca.

For more information about the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation please visit their website at www.cdic.ca.

For more information about the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario please visit their website at www.dico.com.